Thatcher 1979, May 2017?

Excellent analysis by Professor Michael Thrasher, Sky News Election Analyst, in a post, “Thatcher-style landslide ‘a big ask’ for Theresa May at General Election” (read here). The Thatcher-style landslide referenced was in 1979, and brought to power Margaret Thatcher for the first time and launched the Thatcher Revolution. Professor Thrasher also discusses how many seats in Parliament Theresa May will need to withstand the stiff headwinds ahead in Brexit negotiations. Regarding a Thatcher-style landslide, Professor Thrasher considers any approximation of it by Theresa May a British election for the history books.

Margaret Thatcher secured a 5.3% swing in 1979, but she was in opposition and Jim Callaghan’s government was spent. Achieving that feat whilst in government would secure Theresa May’s name in the record books.