Donald Trump & Andrew Jackson

Robert W. Merry has an excellent article today in The American Conservative, “Removing Trump Won’t Solve America’s Crisis: The elites are the problem.” In it, he describes a fascinating comparison between sanctuary cities today and the nullification crisis of the 1830s; in other words, a new nullification. I would add, in both instances the Democrat Party was involved, trying to nullify the Constitution and federal laws. It is an ironic twist that Democrats would resort to defending again the capacity of States and localities to violate federal authority, long ago abandoning States’ Rights as a political position. Merry also says the current political turmoil in America is second only to the Civil War in terms of upheaval. Regarding the nullification issue, Merry writes:

Meanwhile, we have “sanctuary cities” throughout Blue State America that are refusing to cooperate with federal officials seeking to enforce the immigration laws—the closest we have come as a nation to “nullification” since the actual nullification crisis of the 1830s, when South Carolina declared its right to ignore federal legislation it didn’t like. (Andrew Jackson scotched the movement by threatening to hang from the nearest tree anyone involved in violence stemming from the crisis.)

In another interesting twist, President Trump’s favorite predecessor is Andrew Jackson, another President not known for pleasantries when confronting his political opponents (My only two regrets in life are that I did not hang Calhoun and shoot Clay.) And like Jackson, he has to confront new nullification adherents.

(Source: USA Today)